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To Get On Our Menu, You Gotta Earn It.

Don’t hormones and antibiotics sound delicious? Yeah, we don’t think so either. That’s why we don’t accept just any menu item at Rev Burger.

Take our burgers, for example. Since our beef comes from Angus cattle that have been raised in a stress-free open pasture, they are fed only 100% natural grass with no GMO’s. There’s not a steroid or growth stimulant in the bunch. All cows raised locally.

Yes, even fry-less fries. You won’t find fryers at Rev Burger. That’s because we have a very special oven that bakes our fries and chicken tenders to a delicious and healthy crisp. Same great taste as a fryer, but much healthier, half the calories.

How about our hot dogs? You’ll be glad to know they’re all-natural, all-beef without added fillers, nitrates or nitrites and fed a vegetarian grain diet. So beyond the natural sea salt and celery salt, you won’t find the chemicals and preservatives you’ve come to expect from other hot dogs.

Our all natural chicken is no exception. It is all white breast meat and always free of hormones and antibiotics with no artificial ingredients. Chickens are free range and certified Green Seal and Humane.

You see, burgers free of additives, hot dogs born from a vegetarian grain fed diet, hormone and antibiotic free chicken, and fry-less fries and gluten free chicken tenders aren’t just healthier. They taste a whole lot better too.

That’s common sense – and it’s always on our menu.

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